How Emmanuel Macron Wants To Unite European Leadership And Empower Europe

Is Europe Looking to Achieve a New Kind of Leadership?

The thing about effective leadership that works in the political world is that it cannot be achieved by one single person. It has to be a united effort to bring all allies together and have all the leaders unite under one goal. Right now, the West isn’t exactly having an effective democracy system.

The formation of democracy came in the 18th century when people wanted a system that defended the freedoms of the people and having market companies. One area that could desperately use some progress of these aspect is the Middle East.

Today, there’s been a sharp rise in misguided democracies and there’s a new wave of extremism happening in Europe. So, who’s to blame and what’s causing all of this to happen?

The problem is, there’s not one single cause and there’s no one single person to blame. There’s a level of inequality among citizens that can be to blame and the rise of Islamic terrorism as well. Another problem is you have people who believe climate change is a hoax and don’t want to waste time fighting it.


Why Is Change So Essential Today?

When you look at the middle class today and hear their voices, they have a strong hated for politicians. They feel like they’ve been let down and that no one cares about them. They have this idea in their head that Europe only cares about the elite and that they could without the middle class.

You can start combating this by reforming migration to the point where everyone feels safe and sound. The necessary right of asylum for refugees is also crucial.

One of the most notable examples would be Germany. Something needs to change because there are some areas of Europe and Germany that wouldn’t survive another wave of migration.


How Does Germany Feel Today?

We’ve been seeing a lot of concern lately and there’s a lot of demand for the safety of the people. Germany is actually set to spend more on defense than France, which is highly unusual. The truth of the matter is, even with increased military spending, Germany needs France to help ensure the safety and security of the country. All of Europe needs each other to unite and help protect everything we hold dear.


The Divide Between Eastern and Western Europe

There’s another myth between a lot of young people today that there’s some great conflict between the East and West. The continent became divided when the wall was constructed and that was a huge mistake. Some of the current leaders of Europe have a very cynical view of EU and have even turned their backs on them. If Europe keeps rejecting these principles and common goals between EU and themselves, that’s when nations start growing weaker.


Dispelling the France Defense Budget Cut Myth

It’s commonly thought that the Economy and Finance Ministry has put a hard lock on the budget of 2.6 billion pounds. Emmanuel Macron has defended that statement by saying there’s been no freeze in the defense budget since his arrival. He later stated that he’d like to aim for a 2% GDP spending budget by 2025.


Pandering and Populists

Populism is on the rise and a lot of it has been directed towards Donald Trump. It’s also believed that populism played a huge role in the Brexit movement and when asked about populism of the French elections, he had plenty to say. President Macron said he doesn’t like to flatter people or pander to people’s ideas just so they’ll like him. He also made reference to some politicians who specifically use their fears to get a rise in popularity.


Emmanuel Macron’s Thoughts on Donald Trump

While he was elected by the people, a lot of world leaders have made him a hot topic because some of his recent actions as president. Macron stated that a lot of world leaders are uneasy because no one knows what he’s going to do and he doesn’t have a clearly outlined international policy.


Regarding the Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria

Syria loves to use inhumane methods to target enemies, many of them inside their own country, such as deadly agents and chemical attacks. France however has noted that if they cross any drawn lines, that they will have no problem taking action because not taking action when you’ve enforced some lines makes you look weak as a leader. The fight for Syria requires a drawn out political road map. Military options alone cannot solve something like what’s going on in Syria.

France’s stance against terrorist groups is very clear. All the nations should unite and throw everything they have at them to combat them and their extremist ideals. They’re enemies after all and it would be great if Russia’s cooperation was with European powers in regards to fighting terror.


How Terrorism is Challenging Democracy

The Islamic State came in full force taking over large parts of Iraq. This war was supposed to be a quick and nearly no cost war but as for the United States, that and Afghanistan have proven to be their longest ways and the costliest in terms of spending. A balance needs to be made between the two following things: the protection of everyone’s freedom and legislative options.


Talking and Cooperating with Vladimir Putin

One of the things that makes doing any kind of negotiations with Putin so hard is that he wants everyone to see Russia as this huge superpower. Putin’s also not someone to nudge on a subject but he will hear your position out. One of the main problems in getting Putin to join in on the fight is his friendship with Bashar Al-Assad. While he’s deeply invested into fighting terror around the world, he also wants to make sure he avoids failing as a country.